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Grain protection fleece

Quality of grain is retained

A good way to protect your straw and hay bales from wind and weather. The protective cover is permeable to air, highest possible water-repellent, tear-resistant and much more wind sensitive than films and fabrics tarpaulins. The UV-resistance and thus the lifetime is much higher than the case of foils and textile plans. The protective membrane is weighted at the bottom with edge sacks.

For stored grain hygiene regulation calls for the prevention of pollution caused by birds, foreign dust and other foreign matter.
This protective membrane protects grain reliably against contamination from outside and also ensures good ventilation.

Quality of straw and hay is preserved!
Quality of the grain remains intact!

Weight: 140 g / m²
Color green
Sizes: 4,95 m x 50.00 m / 9.80 m x 12.50 m / 9.80 m x 25.00 m / 13.00 m x 12.50 m / 13.00 m x 25.00 m

Quotation and special sizes on request.

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