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Mulch film

Optimization of plant growth

Our films are ideal for weed suppression and optimize plant growth. The use of herbicides can thus be greatly reduced. Mulch film keeps heat and moisture in the soil, resulting in higher yields and advanced harvesting.
Through the use of special additives, the film allows optimal plant growth.

Furthermore, our mulch film is characterized by very high mechanical strength and particularly good machine usability.


Versions: Standard / biodegradable / green asparagus film micro perforated,
Holes: possible by customer
Film structure: Mono foil or coextruded film
Colour: Black light tightly
Strengths: 12 microns – 50 microns
Width: 0.70 m to 2.00 m
Length: 1,000 m – 2,500 m
Fold: flat film

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