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greentex® – Heal nature’s wounds
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greentex® consolidates takes the sliding slope and ensure its rooting and planting. The laying of greentex® which is delivered in rolls and is very simple. The wheels have a weight of about 20kg and are easily transported even in steep terrain. greentex® is 100% ecological, lasting effect and is biodegradable. The result is a well-established and using the natural slope reorganized.

Flatter and steep slopes can be rehabilitated with sustainable greentex® regardless of the geological conditions.

What heals the wounds of nature …

… when all other measures fail or only lead to extreme cost? If climate change, monoculture in the timber industry, earth moving, massive interventions, but also natural factors such as long periods of rain or even earthquakes have led to serious erosion damage? The answer is “100 percent” of course, and is greentex®

greentex® is a special “geotextile”: Made from jute and a natural batting, enriched with seed mixtures, fertilizers and soil conditioning materials, supplies greentex® also severely damaged slopes and soils with everything they need to get back “to flourish”. greentex® consolidates the grounds and provides a new, fresh green.