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Erosion and Ecology

Problem and Solution

If deforestation, monoculture in timber industry, earth moving, massive interventions but also natural influences like long periods of rain or even earthquakes lead to serious erosion damage. Often only expensive reconstruction measures are applicable. Such reconstructions are not only expensive, but also represent strong environmental impact on nature.

Erosion also occurs in deserts and coastlines of sand dunes in the same way. Wind blows tons of fertile soil in the oceans and can karstify whole regions. Erosion by waves along many coasts ensures considerable damage.

But nature can help itself if it gets help: greentex®, calms down nature, helps new plants to develop, to root deeply and to form an intense soil-root ratio.

Often small causes can destabilize a slope:

Dirt breaks off and starts to slide:

Greentex - Die Lösung bei Erosion

Conventional reconstruction trial:

Greentex - Die Lösung bei Erosion

Reconstruction measure was ineffective:

Greentex - Die Lösung bei Erosion

successful restructuring with greentex® Jute:

Greentex - Die Lösung bei Erosion

With greentex® succeed in renovations and civil engineering, securing steep slopes in railway construction, with ski slopes and lift tracks. For the maintenance of forest roads and streets in the torrents and avalanches and damage caused by watercourses has become indispensable greentex®. When landfill and stockpile remediation is used greentex® successful, even the greening of flat roofs. Embankments, especially the stabilization and revegetation of shifting sand dunes, only since the development of greentex® sustainable, ecologically and economically be realized.
And all this without the use of concrete and steel or other large, structural measures.


greentex® cell-wool nonwoven and fabric consist exclusively of natural fibers with different “half-lives”: The batting rots within 1 – 2 years and serve the young plants as an important food source.
The upper jute backing stays 2-3 years intact and firmly. This is the necessary time for a strong root penetration and to achieve consolidation of the soil.

Ökologie bei Greentex
Ökologie bei Greentex

So, the decaying nonwoven and fabric form a valuable humus layer and serve the plant as a companion and food.

greentex® products rot to 100% and are therefore biologically valuable.