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greentex- a unique geotextile

greentex® consolidates takes the sliding slope and ensure its rooting and planting. The laying of greentex® which is delivered in rolls and is very simple. The wheels have a weight of about 20kg and are easily transported even in steep terrain. greentex® is 100% ecological, lasting effect and is biodegradable. The result is a well-established and using the natural slope reorganized.

Flatter and steep slopes can be rehabilitated with sustainable greentex® regardless of the geological conditions.

What heals the wounds of nature …

… when all other measures fail or only lead to extreme cost? If climate change, monoculture in the timber industry, earth moving, massive interventions, but also natural factors such as long periods of rain or even earthquakes have led to serious erosion damage? The answer is “100 percent” of course, and is greentex®

greentex® is a special “geotextile”: Made from jute and a natural batting, enriched with seed mixtures, fertilizers and soil conditioning materials, supplies greentex® also severely damaged slopes and soils with everything they need to get back “to flourish”. greentex® consolidates the grounds and provides a new, fresh green.

If nothing works …

… it often gets worse. Structural and other reconstruction options have often been used when damaged landscapes are to be brought back to life. If those measures are successful is often determined by elevation, geological situation, soil type and activity, water biology, vegetation periods and precipitation or temperature lines. Costly conservative measure can fail due to one unexpected weather change. greentex® heals every wound in your terrain and under all circumstances. If steep, flat, still covered with some soil or already bare rock: greentex® solves the difficult task of re-greening even under extreme conditions.

Wenn nichts mehr geht… …wird’s oft noch schlimmer. Bautechnische und andere Sanierungsmöglichkeiten wurden bisher oft angewandt, wenn geschädigte Landschaften wieder zum Leben erweckt werden sollen.
  • The site is secured immediately by greentex®.
  • greentex® ensures a long-term slope protection by vegetation and building a soil layer- on previously bare ground surfaces.

The best solutions …
…are always simple and ingenious. greentex® is both. The multilayer geotextile, composed exclusively of natural fiber materials, is easy to handle and to install.

A strong upper fabric of jute with large pores serves as support. It provides the fixing of the terrain, captures rocks and scree and reduces the mechanical forces of heavy rain and hail. Moreover, it has a corresponding light transmittance, and a sufficiently large airspace builds a climate buffer zone. Later, young plants grow well out of the pores. Underneath this fabric, a cellulosic fiber wadding is attached. In this nonwoven, species-rich seed mixtures, fertilizers and soil conditioners materials are incorporated. The batting absorbs rainwater and stores it – important for the young plants. Flowing water can no longer arise, a further erosion of the soil is effectively prevented. greentex® is attached to the bottom of the erosion-damaged landscape with pegs made of willow wood or metal nails (steel). greentex® rolls with 20 meters length and low weight are easy to install in all types of terrain, access roads are not needed.

And it so green.

After greentex® first placed in position, nature can take its course. Through the upper fabric the slipping slope is initially secured. Already with the first rain the underlying batting absorbs the moisture and stores it.

The wet heavy undercoat dissolves the upper fabric, falls softly on the ground, thus fills all irregularities in the substrate, and hence has the closest contact with the ground. Through the wetness, the fertilizer embedded in nonwoven becomes active. This ensures germination of the seeds, which begin to grow, break through the pores of the fleece, and pass in the ground to take root. Also the upper fabric is changing: The moisture begins to shrink it, whereby the base mounting is further enhanced. greentex® is pure nature. Batting and top fabric made are made of natural fibers with different “half-lives”: The batting rots within 1 – 2 years and serves the young plants as an important food source. The upper fabric is about 3 – 5 years intact, which is the time necessary to achieve a strong rooting and thus consolidate the soil. Then rots and is used by the plant as food and constitutes valuable, rich humus.

… where you need it, greentex® can be used successfully. Basically in all erosion affected areas, especially in the pre-alpine and alpine regions, but also for projects in civil engineering and in greening steep slopes in road construction, slopes and ski tracks. The possibilities are almost unlimited. And by the simple installation and the minor role weight, greentex® can be used even in difficult terrain easily, without any post processing.

Product Structure

  1. organic tissue from 100% natural fibers immediately securs the area and mechanically closes the erosion wound.
  2. cellulosic batting as carriers
  3. Seeds, fertilizers and growth promoters

greentex® is laid out loosly, more wrinkled – not covering every bump – and mounted in the terrain depressions. Slip endangered surfaces and loose stones are held thereby. The jute fabric used has a tissue strength of 2to / m. The pegs are made of structural steel, wood and / or cuttings.


During the first rain, the batting absorbs water, becomes heavier and separates from the supporting tissue. It glides to the ground and covers every bump. At the same time, the tissue is shrinking and stretches even tighter over the slope.


The erosive force of surface-, or rainwater is broken through the tissue. Emerging small streams are usually derived on the fabric top, as the moist changes the pore volume of the fleece. Seed and fertilizer are not changed in their position. Nevertheless, enough water seeps gently into the soil.


The water within the nonwoven activates fertilizer and seeds. The young plants root in the ground. In nutrient-poor or dead soils, fertilizer ensures the growth. An astute system of coarse and fine fibers in the nonwoven designs the pore volume in a way that sufficient water retention and sufficient air for the roots remain, so that the plants can develop well.


The sustainable reconstruction and fixing damaged slopes is carried out by deep roots. greentex® contains selected seed mixtures of fast-growing grasses and especially of deep and wide-rooted small plants that enable a rapid and lasting reconstruction on an ecological basis. Thousands of anchors secure the slope.