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GLASSES woollawn

Woollawn by GLAESER takes advantage of natural wool fibers to provide you with the perfect alternative in horticulture..

  • Through using pure natural fibers, woollawn is completely biodegradable and leaves no artificial remains in the soil
  • wool fibers contain a variety of natural nutrients that support the grass seed in their growth process
  • The fiber used is highly absorbent and thus supplies the woollawn continuously moisturized. Hence, the lawn needs to be watered less during the planting
  • The woollawn grass seed is embedded in a protective fleece of wool. This protects the seedlings form possible early years Frost.
  • Embedding seeds into the fabric prevents it to be eaten by birds. In addition, the wool lawn offers through its fiber structure an effective protection against moles in the first years.

weed suppression

GLAESER woollawn works as a weed control fabric during growing periods. The nonwoven fabric inhibits the growth of weeds, and thus supports the grass seed. This enables an evenly, weed-free lawn.

erosion resistant

GLAESER woollawn is produced as a nonwoven. This makes it perfectly suitable for processing on slopes and sloping surfaces. While normal grass seed is carried away by rain or wind, the nonwoven remains in place. Thus a closed lawn can be generated even on steep slopes and erosion with high costs prevented.


GLAESER woollawn consists of pure biodegradable materials. The wool used is re rough rides and thus corresponds to the principle of sustainability to which we are committed as a Swabian family. After a few years, the fleece is completely degraded and leaves no residue in the soil. In addition, the wool fertilizes your lawn during the decomposition process.

GLAESER Wollrasen