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The power to stuff – Power Füll – The polyfill for any craft project

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  • 95 C ° washable and dryer suitable
    To prolong the enjoyment of your crafted object, you can wash Power Füll at 95 ° C in the washing machine as well as dry it in the dryer. The high-tech fiber used, ensures that even after several washes the bounce remains.
  • Very Low allergen environment, since it is non-dusting
    Because the fiber is made of 100% polyester, it doesn’t offer, unlike cotton and wool, a breeding ground for microorganisms. Especially for house dust mite allergy it is an invaluable advantage. Thus, no dust mites may colonize.
  • Made in Germany, German brand quality
    The GLAESER group with headquarters in Swabian Ulm is engaged in textile production since 1888. For more than a hundred years we are producing in the area.We were able to build a solid expertise in producing textile raw materials. With this long experience and constant innovation, we ensure the highest production quality.
  • Strong and durable bounce
    Ideal for any of your projects. From a small stuffed animal up to the beanbag, Power Füll will give your project always the right fullness. The high elasticity and permanent recovery ability guarantee maximum fluffiness.