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Pulling departement

At our production location Ulm/Germany we are manufacturing high class textile synthetic and natural shoddy qualities
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Reisserei von Gläser UlmGLAESER ECO recycled fibres/shoddy
Glaeser is a famous and powerful textile recycling company with modern pulling machines.

The pulling department has the opportunity to offer all kind of shoddy qualities as synthetic recycled fibres as well as natural fibres with different fineness, length and opening on customers request. We are your steady partner having the experience since 128 years to satisfy special requirements.

Particularly produced are textile and technical recycled fibres as polyester, polyamide, Polypropylene, acrylic, viscose, cotton, kenaf, jute, sisal, wool, meta/para aramides, in white and colored. Furthermore we are Your pulling company regarding processing in commission. If you are looking for a partner who is able to process your textile or technical materials in commission, please contact us to see that we are very flexible in pulling and cutting your materials to get back quality goods.

We are looking for and purchasing all kind of textile and technical threads, filaments, selvedges, knitted and woven fabrics, non woven and fleece remnants. All in white, black, colored and multicolored, pressed in bales, cartons or other packaging.

Please contact as follows:

Wolfgang Maier
Ein- und Verkauf und Logistik
+49-0731-3981-61, Fax -55
Werner Brinsa
Einkauf und Logistik
+49-0731-3981-43, Fax -55