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Textile rawmaterials

Trading of textile rawmaterials and staple fibers

Texitle rawmaterials: synthetic- and natural fibers first grade and off-grades as Polyester, Acrylic, Polyamid, Viscose , Cotton and Wool.
Further we utilize any kind of textile wastes. Besides the classical qualities we use also technical textiles like Aramids.

At our warehouse in Ulm and various field warehouses we have steadily available:

  • Polyester staple fibers:
    Virgin and regenerated fibers in s first grade and off-grades, whte, black and in colors or in transitional colors. In the range of dtex 0,9 – dtex 28,0/30-150 mm.
  • Acrylic staple fibers:
    First grade and off-grades, white, black and in colors or transitional colors. In the range ot
    Dtex 1,7 – dtex 5,6
  • Viscose staple fibers:
    Off-grades white, black and in transitional colors in dtex 1,7 and dtex 3,3
  • Technical fibers:
    Staple fibers and processed fibers in Para-aramid, Meta-aramid, Carbon

Contact person

Roland Settele
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