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GLAESERclean offers an extensive product range for the complete industrial hygiene used in the restroom, production, gastronomy and cuisine area.

Our product range offers high-quality hygiene papers of our own brand fairpaper for industry, trade, public facilities and catering trade.

Our aim is to offer suitable solutions for every requirement within restroom hygiene, cleanliness in the production area. Dispenser-systems and suitable hygiene papers, soaps, disinfectants can be offered for the restroom area. Napkins, paper towels, toilet paper, large rolls, cleaning supplies and a lot more complete our product range in the gastronomy area.
For the industrial cleaning in the production/manufacturing area we offer various qualities of cloths and cloth roles out of cellulose, nonwoven, spunlace etc.
The product range applies from high-quality tack cloths and special cloths (automobile industry/varnish work etc. ) about conventional textile cleaning cloths from our own production in Ulm to covering fleece.
A new product line is our new brand RoboProtec, with provides protective suits for robots (varnish- and manufacturing areas).

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