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Heinrich GLAESER Nachf. GmbH is a traditional family business that has been dealing with textiles of all kinds since 1888.

GLAESER Textil is a traditional family business that has proven itself as an expert in textiles of all kinds for over 130 years.

We offer our local, national and international customers

  • Covering materials for the protection and early harvesting of fruit and vegetable crops
  • Geotextiles for greening and erosion control
  • Cleaning textiles and hygiene products
  • Fabrics and home textiles
  • Sewing machines
  • Sewing services and sewing courses
  • Filling materials and filled products such as pillows, pillow inlets, functional pillows and stuffed animals
  • Textile raw materials, fibers and recycled fibers
  • Used clothing, used shoes, bed feathers and special textile items

This makes us both the first address for sewing and fabric enthusiasts and a powerful partner for customers in the industry.

With the expansion into different areas of the textile industry, the company has developed into a successful group with numerous subsidiaries and participations. Thus, the entire GLAESER family has now grown to more than 600 employees at 16 locations.

As a family business, we pursue a responsible corporate philosophy according to which stability and flexibility can be perfectly combined.
We also see a special obligation in a sustainable approach to our ecosystem. By processing and recycling textile waste, we conserve natural resources and offer environmentally friendly alternatives in the form of recycled products.

In doing so, we are constantly looking for innovative solutions to always perform at the highest level and deliver the best quality.

Almost the entire fabric range can also be found in LENSES online shop under

Companies of GLAESER Group

Märkische Faser

At the gates of Berlin, in the heart of the new Europe, the Märkische Faser GmbH, a European polyester fiber producer is with global presence, is home. The Märkische Faser GmbH holds a unique position in the field of man-made fibers. Innovation, quality and customer service characterize the business philosophy.


In us, you have found an experienced professional for cleaning and hygiene articles. Hygiene paper, cleaning cloths and microfiber cloths in different qualities are manufacture in our headquarters and production facility in Bremen. The two principal uses of our products are the hospital and care sector and industry and commerce.


We are a specialist shop for curtains and fabrics of all kinds. You can find five of our stores in Saxony and twice in Thuringia. Our range is extensive and covers the entire spectrum of fashionable fabrics and curtains at great prices. A very special deal is the sale of fabrics and curtains by kilo.


We are a young company from the Berlin region and produce i.e., out of plastics such as PET and PBT, black masterbatches and plastic flakes in multicolor and colorless. Flakes can be used i.e. for the production of spunbond, monofilaments or multifilaments. The use of flakes as granules replacement is also possible.


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